Author/ilLUstraToR Visits
with Todd Sturgell!
find out what The future could hold for That one student always doodling in The margins of their assignments?
follow a geographically- challenged turtle from an idea to the library shelf?
discover how a third-grade teacher changed my life - in the first grade?
Get all this and more!
I’d love to visit with your awesome students to share Except Antarctica and a glimpse into the messy process of writing and illustrating a picture book.
• How books and art inspired me as a child.
• How I became an author/illustrator
• Interactive read-aloud of Except Antarctica
• Except Antarctica, from the birth of an idea to a real, honest-to-goodness book (tailored to each age group)
• Drawing demonstration (For classroom presentations only. Requires an 18”x24” or larger sketch pad and easel)
• Q&A

More info to come!
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